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Other facilities at Camping Cala Ginepro

Discover all of the facilities available on the campsite!

At Camping Cala Ginepro, alongside the main facilities described in the dedicated section, you will also find a wealth of other amenities to make your holidays in Sardinia even more comfortable and relaxing!


At Camping Cala Ginepro, you can take your pick from a total of 12 barbecues, scattered across three locations on the campsite. The barbecues feature grills on which you can cook your food, but you’ll need to purchase everything that is required to get the heat going. Buon appetito!

Free Wi-Fi

At the Camping Cala Ginepro bar, you can use the free Wi-Fi. The wireless connection is not available throughout the campsite – only in the area where the bar/ice cream parlour is located. It can be really beneficial to spend some time away from electromagnetic pollution, which is now such a common phenomenon in our cities. Whenever you like, between the hours of 8am and midnight, you can visit the bar and use our connection while you sip on an aperitif or a coffee, or savour some of her homemade ice cream. Wi-Fi browsing requires access codes, which we will provide you with free of charge. We look forward to seeing you, be sure to “stay tuned”!


At Camping Cala Ginepro, the entry and internal parking of cars and motorbikes is allowed to all guests in the dedicated areas assigned by the staff. The parking of the first car has a daily cost of € 1.00, while the service is free for the first motorbike. Vehicles are only permitted next to the pitches for the purpose of loading and unloading. Please remove your car or motorbike as soon as you have loaded or unloaded.

Should you arrive at the campsite during the so-called “silent hours” (i.e. outwith the hours of 8 am - 2 pm, when vehicles are allowed to drive around the site), you can use the large public car park outside the campsite instead.

Pago Bancomat and in-house payment card

At Camping Cala Ginepro, you can use the pagobancomat payment service (i.e. using a debit card) to pay both for the accommodation and for other services, such as your expenditure at the bar, restaurant, newsagent and market. The nearest ATM is located 3 km from the campsite, in Piazzale Sant’Antonio Abate, which is in the Sos Alinos district.

As an alternative to using the ATM or the debit card, at the campsite you can use the internal electronic payment system. With the in-house payment card, you can avoid the need to withdraw cash. Every time you use the card, you can monitor your spending, check your balance and keep tabs on the top-ups – easily and quickly. The in-house payment card can be used once you have paid a small deposit, which will be returned to you in its entirely when you had back the card.

Camper van service and chemical toilets

Free for all guests, Camping Cala Ginepro offers a camper van service, including the emptying of chemical toilets.

For non-guests, the charge for the camper van service depends on the period.

Sick bay and first-aid

The medical assistance service at the campsite offers first-aid to guests who have had small accidents or have suffered minor injuries. The sick bay is the location where you can receive assistance from the emergency doctor or from paramedics. It is equipped with a defibrillator. Although our staff have received first-aid training, they cannot stand in for a doctor or other healthcare professional – they can, however, provide help in the first instance. The nearest Accident & Emergency unit is located 3 km from the campsite, next to the pharmacist and ATM in Piazzale Sant'Antonio Abate, in the Sos Alinos district.

Hot showers and power points

During your holiday at Camping Cala Ginepro, you can use the free hot showers in our restroom complex.

Moreover, whichever accommodation solution you choose, you will have access to power points. The pitches are close to multiple CEE-compliant power points (up to 5 ampere or 16 ampere), that you can use with a daily cost of € 3.00 or € 5.00.