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Camping Cala Ginepro: Regulations

Holiday regulations

Management Office: 8 am – 2 pm / 4 pm – 11 pm. Any outstanding balance for the stay must be paid upon arrival in cash or with payment card. For organisational reasons, you may only check out between the hours of 8 am and 1.30 pm and then 4 pm to 10 pm. When booking, it is compulsory to enter the names of all the members of the group for which the booking is being made. In this way, from the booking stage onwards, the names of all of the guests who will be staying on the campsite will be registered. Guests other than those indicated at the time of booking shall not be permitted to stay on the campsite. If subsequently requested, variations may be permitted on an exceptional basis, at the exclusive discretion of the Management of Camping Cala Ginepro and only by means of written authorisation from the Management.

Disposal of waste: 8 am – 1 pm / 4 pm – 7 pm

Use of vehicles: only loading and unloading operations allowed at the pitches. Internal car park: 7.30 am to midnight

Silent hours: 2 pm – 4 pm / Midnight – 7.30 pm. During these quiet times, you must not use your car, motorbike or bicycle; radios, TVs and all audio equipment must be turned off – there must be no loud noise during these hours. The afternoon silent hours only apply during the summer months.

  1. On arrival, an identification document must be presented to allow you to be registered. You will then receive a personalised ID bracelet, which you must wear at all times.
  2. The adhesive pass that is provided by the management must be stuck onto the windscreen of your car or motorbike for your vehicle to be allowed to enter the campsite.
  3. Any outstanding balance for the stay must be paid on arrival in cash or with payment card, when registering at the entrance.
  4. The departure of a member of the group or family on a different date from that of the other members must be communicated to us, and any outstanding monies must be paid at the office on the departure day in question. Failure to inform the office will result in charges continuing to be applied.
  5. The pitch/unit at the campsite will be assigned by the Management and the campers must comply with the instructions provided. It is forbidden to stretch sheets and cables without the authorization of the staff, especially in the bungalow area. Cars can be parked only in the designated parking areas.
  6. Loud noise must be avoided at all times. Audiovisual equipment must be kept at a low volume and turned off entirely during the silent hours. During these quiet times – including during the night – it is prohibited to use vehicles, including bicycles. The use of bicycles is prohibited after sunset.
  7. It is prohibited to light fires in the pine forest – there are barbecues available on the campsite. It is prohibited to damage the campsite’s facilities and equipment.
  8. Crockery and linen must be washed in the respective dedicated areas.
  9. Waste sorting is compulsory. Waste must be duly separated and taken to the waste disposal area.
  10. Access to dogs is limited in number and is only permitted to small and medium-sized dogs (max 40 cm at the withers) of those staying on the pitches. Pets are not permitted in the bungalows. Animals are not allowed in the internal areas of the bar, market, restaurant and toilets. For dog grooming, use only the dedicated area. It is forbidden to leave dogs unattended. Maximum attention is required when collecting and disposing of your pet's excrement.
  11. You must take care of your own possessions. The Management accepts no liability in the event of loss or removal of valuables not given to us for us to look after during your stay. The storage service for valuables does not apply to particularly bulky items such as PCs, cameras, etc.
  12. Visitors may be allowed to enter following authorisation from the office. If they stay longer than one hour, the regular rate will apply.
  13. The price list is applicable from the first booking day or, for unbooked holidays, from the day of arrival. The daily rate applies up until 10 am on the next day. For departures after that time, the cost of an additional day will be applied.
  14. In order to avoid useless waste of electricity and not to disturb the neighbors on other pitches, guests are kindly requested not to leave useless lighting in their bungalows/pitches other than those necessary for guarantee normal activities or the safety of people. At the campsite, it is forbidden the use of the multiple CEE-compliant power points to recharge cars or other hybrid/electric vehicles. You can recharge your vehicle only at the special charging stations for a fee subject, subject to authorization from the reception.
  15. Shipments can only be delivered if the recipient is present at the time of delivery. The dispatch of bulky shipments will be agreed with the management.