The thick pine forest of Cala Ginepro in Orosei, Sardinia
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The Sa Curcurica Cooperative: our History

The establishment of the “Sa Curcurica” Cooperative

Our history officially began when, as a group of youngsters from Orosei who had accumulated some experience in the tourist sector, we set up the “Società Cooperativa Sa Curcurica”. This marked the start, in 1980, of the Camping Cala Ginepro campsite as a business.

Back then, the campsite itself was nothing more than a large woodland, untamed and practically abandoned. The space was completely disorganised, and so we started work on implementing a multitude of actions and plans. Everything was there, waiting to be shaped, constructed and safeguarded at the same time.

As everyone who runs a business knows very well, the early days are always the toughest, but we overcame the obstacles and here we are today. The road we are on is constantly evolving, so there is no finish line per se – we just keep on rising to the new challenges we face.

Camping Cala Ginepro: the dream and the reality

On the surface, dreams and reality are mutually exclusive.

For us, in reality, everything began with a dream; we were very young, and many people thought that our vision of the future was no more than a castle made of sand. For our part, we really believed in it. And step by step, we made our ideas come true and brought the project to life.

We have grown up with this business that, day in, day out, we have built here at Camping Cala Ginepro. Perhaps this is why the campsite has very much of a family feel about it. We love everything about this place: the sun rising over the sea; the life of the limpid seabed; the pink granite of the rocks; the silences of nature and the sound of the chirruping birds; the fragrances of the pine and juniper trees; the silver expanses of the endless beaches

And when evening comes, there's nothing more beautiful than losing yourself amid the stars in the sky above Cala Ginepro – a truly unique experience.